Motherhood is  by far the most demanding job of your life.  The highs, lows, exhaustion and wonder can leave you craving just a little bit of time to yourself.   A chance to be still, turn your attention to yourself and truly, deeply relax.

Whether you  have one child or five, these retreats are designed to fully re load your batteries so that you can continue on the wobbly road of being super mum 24 hrs a day. We also think it’s important to spend some time remembering who You are and where You are at.

Based at a pretty finca near Alicante  on the coast in Spain (so not a rural retreat), we offer 3 nights of true escapism where your every need can be catered for.  Sumptuous healthy eating (evening meals with wine obviously!) gentle Yoga, swimming, massage, chatting, sleeping and more sleeping!!  Reading a whole book (or two) and sharing your thoughts with other like minded women.  

There will also be an (optional) Life Appraisal workshop if you would like a bit of help to work out ‘what next’ as we believe mother hood can bring about some huge changes in a womans life that can leave us feeling a little lost.  This will be led by Suzy Bolt, Master NLP coach.

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Run away and recharge....