Pregnancy is a very long affair!  Our bodies dedicate themselves to this amazing task whilst the person we were before conception slowly starts to step aside to make way for what is about to happen.

Sometimes we don’t have the energy to look after ourselves properly and our partners are already beginning to feel a tiny slip down the ladder of importance and may not offer as many foot rubs as we would like.  We want to sleep, eat, sleep some more, be nurtured and adored with nothing expected in return.  It’s a big ask for pretty much a whole year!!

That’s why we set up Mamametime.  To create a dedicated space in time where any pregnant woman can truly be nourished and worshipped.  To be really able to connect to the growing baby inside and deeply relax.  Essential for what lies ahead.

The retreat is perfect for any stage of pregnancy, each stage has its celebrations and challenges!  You will be fed fabulously and generously, stretched gently in the Yoga classes and laid down to rest after a nurturing (but optional) massage or treatment of your choice.  There will be plenty of chance to talk about the journey, laugh about it and share any fears.  Our aim is to bring out the pregnant bloom in you, sending you off beautiful and ready for motherhood. 

This is a gift worth giving to yourself and the precious life growing inside you.

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Navel gazing....

(meaning to gaze with awe and wonder at your growing bump)